A Huge selection of porcelain and natural stone bathroom tiles

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Bathroom and steam room tiles

Harrogate bathrooms have a extensive range of bathroom tiles and steam room tiles you can choose from. With such an array of tiles, styles and sizes on the market Harrogate Bathrooms can help you make the correct choice for your installation.

At Harrogate bathrooms we can help you choose the style to compliment your design from ceramic, porcelain, porcelain wood effect or natural stone.  For traditional bathrooms, Modern bathrooms or classic bathrooms Our designers have a keen eye for colour to help you through the process.

We will create a unique design using features of different textures such as wood effect or mosaic. When it comes to choosing the material of your tiles we can help you make an informed decision.

Porcelain and Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Clay based ceramic tiles are an ideal choice for bathrooms, wetrooms, walk in showers and other moisture prone areas.  They are extremely durable, water, stain and wear resistant.  A porcelain tile is harder than ceramic and offers greater design flexibility.

Both ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles are made of clay and other naturally occurring materials and fired in a kiln.  Porcelain uses clay that is more refined and purified and is fired at a higher temperature and greater pressure, this results in an extremely dense and hard material.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural travertine bathroom tiles come in three grades, premium, standard and commercial.  Premium (sometimes called first grade) is a tile that has been perfectly cut and has a uniform thickness throughout with very little filler.  At Harrogate Bathrooms we only use premium grade travertine.

Premium grade travertine is free from black or grey discolouration in the tile.  They are carefully chosen to be consistent in colour and they are double filled, first by machinery and then by hand if any holes remain.  The edges of the tiles are smooth and evenly sized with uniform bevelled edges.

The natural shades of travertine ranges from soft ivory and pale creamy white to rich golden shades of walnut and honey.  Travertine is a natural stone and the colours depend on local mineral and organic materials, the tiles are never a single solid colour and natural shading will occur.  Travertine is also porous and will require sealing prior to and after grouting and will require regular maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.

Travertine is a soft stone we do not use tile trims on the edges and our fitters will hand polish them for a natural finish.

To view a large selection of bathroom tiles please get in touch with us or visit our Harrogate Bathroom showroom on Leeds Road. you may also like to view bathroom tile selections from one of our suppliers Verona.

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